Our Quality Warranty

Our Quality Warranty
  • Tested for International Food Standard
  • Elaborate mixing technology for standardization of products
  • Smoked, rolled fillet of ham: ph-value control for every piece, careful selection of raw ingredients
  • Bellies: hand-picked selection
  • Salmonellae-monitoring chosen meat for all raw meat products
  • Aw-ph quality control
  • Environmentally friendly fuming technique Environmentally friendly fuming technique
  • Continuous Salmonellae-monitoring of raw meat products: release only after external laboratory testing apperval
  • Use of healthy bacterial culture for raw meat products
  • 100% testing of gas and vacuum tightness for thermo care package
  • Very high hygienic standart, such as hygienic clothing, shoes, gloves, hairnets, breathing pertection
  • Comprehensive QM-System IFS + QS certified, higher level, comprehensive QM-System IFS + QS certified, higher level
  • Daily microbiological testing of raw products
  • Annual awards from CMA ( Central Marketing Company of German Agriculture) and DLG
  • Purchase of all raw ingredients at strict specification
  • Exclusivly choice customary packing
  • Clearance certificate of all wrapping
  • Solvent-free adhesive for composite material
  • Choice spices
  • Still water to enhance the natural taste
  • Quality control of all incomming meat by certified butcher
  • Thermo Care Treatment to guarantee constant freshness and taste until end of storability
  • Our awards are due to the continiuos control of production flow by our management
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